Activity Club

2Gether Music Club

The music club in SJBSAP is a mixture of various genres of music including Carnatic and Hindustani Classical music, Light music, Instrumental , RnB, Hip-Hop, Wrap, Heavy Metal and Rock.

Students of distinct musical backgrounds have come together to pursue their interests aside architecture. The club hence was named- 2Gether Music Club!!

As a young club, which began a few months ago along with other clubs, we have been involved in practice sessions for competitions of Carnatic Classical Music, a regular host and participants in  Rock-music gigs and monthly “club meets” which help us inform each other of our talents. 2Gether Music Club also aims to participate in the up-coming inter-collegiate event hosted by our college-Varchasva.

The club does not forget that it was conceived for the students of Architecture in the first place and hence will be in a constant endeavor to manifest the relationship between Art and Architecture through Music.

Fashion Club

The purpose of the fashion club is to act as a resource for anyone interested in fashion and/or fashion design on campus. The club’s goal is to educate members and share ideas in fashion design and also to relate it to architecture. The club will help the students who plan to pursue a career in the fashion industry(as we deal with both walking and designing) as well as those who design clothing as a hobby.  The club aims to create awareness about the current fashion .

With the ultimate goal in mind, club members will be able to gain experience in fashion design by working with each other. We lead fun activities at our meetings , organize events and participate in events held outside college .


  • Successfully conducted EOS Week in college.
  • BMC intercollege fest – Placed 3rd.
  • ZONASA ‘15- qualified among the top 10 finalists.



The purpose of the art club is to enable the students to express themselves and expand their creativity. To expose members to art related topics above and beyond the studio. To instill within members and active knowledge of professionalism in the field of visual art. To provide and setting for the fellowship and visual growth for the students of the visual arts .

  • College Flag design for ZONASA ’15.