Sthala – A Journal of Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design and Planning – Volume 2

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Beyond the Built Environment: Ethics and Aesthetics of Sustainability – Ar. Navnath Kanade

SUB-THEMES: 1- (In)formal Public Space

Cultural & Architectural Continuum Analysis, in Capturing the ‘Essence of a Place’ – Dr. Sridhar Rajan, Sarita Mahadik

The City Rhythms…A Context of Bangalore – Kirti Vinaykumar

Reconnecting / Reimagining urban open space of river Vrishabavathi – V. Manish Prasad

Impact of urban public open spaces (UPOS) on Public Health (Physical & Mental)–Present & Post COVID-19 Pandemic – Kapil Natawadkar, Rashmi Paramesh

Unblackboxing – Suraksha B N

SUB-THEMES: 2-Sustainable Construction Management

The Impact of Construction activity on human health – Glynn George, Sneha Mailapur, Anirudh J J

Success rate of Indian construction industry in reaching global Climate Change targets set in CoP26 (2021), A critical analysis – Thrivikram.N.B

Earthquake resistant design in construction- A case in the Indian context – Tapasya Das, Farida Tabassum,

SUB-THEMES: 3-Climate Change Policy And Action

Role of design consideration in GRIHA – Dr.Swasti Sthapak, Tina Soni

Synergising Spatial Development Strategies with Climate Action – Prakruthi S. Karadagi

SUB-THEMES: 4-Sustainable Building Solutions

Green roads: Significant role of water to develop climate resilience – Shreya Shetty

SUB-THEMES: 5-Bim & Sustainable Design

Implications of BIM on Design Thinking: The impact on Teaching Design Process – Venu Nataraj

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