Sthala – A Journal of Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design and Planning – Volume 3

Sthala – Volume 3 Cover Page

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Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust

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Nasreen Kauser– Legitimizing ideology through pluralistic participatory process in urban design -A case of Markitecture.

Priyadarshini Karikalan, Ankita Toro– Synthesizing The Behavioral Influence on Urban Transformation by Theorizing Participatory Approach.

Priya R Khatavkar, Dr. Uma Jadhav – Children’s Participation in Urban Planning –Understanding Frameworks and Initiatives for Effective Participation.

Tanushree Das, Dr. Chitrarekha Kabre, Dr. Anil Dewan – Design Quality Indicators: A Mechanism for Stakeholders’ participation in maintaining Architectural design quality.

Asmita Yadav, Dr. Rashmi Kumari – Building Gender-Friendly Cities Using Participatory Approach: A Literature Review of Global Case Studies

Deepthi Ramachandra Adiga – Univer(city) – Exploring the Role of Higher Educational Institutions in Promoting Public Participation in the City Planning Process.

Kanisetti Venkatesh, Anju Mani Kalita – Attaining livability through participatory urban planning: a comparative study of two Brazilian cities.

Shanu Raina – Uncovering the Significance of Community Participation in Fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Built Environments: A Qualitative Inquiry.

Mohd Afzal Khan – In The Search of Sustainable Public Space under Composite Climate of India (Case Study – Color Planet, New Delhi – India).

Prathima N – Public Participatory Approach- A Democratic Tool

SPECIAL FEATURE – Winning entry of COA’s awards for excellence in Architectural Thesis- 2022

Ar. Harshith V Shastry – BELAKU-The Hampi Interpretation Centre

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