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interier-designB.Sc –  Interior Design (3 Years Programme)

Interior Design is a specialized branch of Architecture. The best building, as well as the Interiors, is considered as total design. Interior designing is a fast-growing professional field with the real estate and construction industry playing a vital role in its growth. The program is to focus on creative planning and skilled execution of designs of interior spaces. The architect usually concerns himself with the overall design of buildings; Interior designer is concerned with more intimately scaled aspects of design. Interior Design concerns itself with more than just the visual or ambient of interior space, it seeks to optimize and harmonize the uses to which the built environment will be put. This course teaches you about the dynamics of an interior environment.


  • SJB School of Design started in the year 2017 offering B.Sc in Interior Design & Decoration course affiliated to Bangalore University.
  • SJB School of Design is located inside the SJB School of Architecture block.    Idea is to Integrate Interior Design along with Architecture course which goes hand on hand in the market which makes Interior Design course very unique and distinctive from other colleges. School opens 24/7  for students to work.
  • SJB School of Design is headed by Prof: Jai Ganesh M.S M.Arch Architect, Urban Designer &Interiordesigner with 17 years of experience in the field.        


  • Exclusive facilities like Amphitheatre, Auditorium, Library etc are inbuilt inside the building block dedicated to interior design and architecture.
  • In Corridor here, Square shaped platform (Katte) constructed with granite top and Planting at the centre works as informal seating space for interactions.
  • Each Studio (Classroom) is designed for 30 students provided with A2 Size Drawing tables, Projector, Speaker, Internet facility etc.


  • Expert faculties along with practising architects will be teaching the Interior design course which gives more practical knowledge to students.
  • Academic activities like Seminars/Workshops will be conducted exclusively for interior design students and also a few seminars and workshops will be merged with architecture students which are the best part of our college.
  • Special day like One day of each week for Senior students will be exclusively dedicated outside the college for visiting various Site works (under construction & Completed) , Material study at Showrooms to Material dealers, Timber yards to Brickkiln, Carpentry site to furniture shops, Manufacturer to Lighting fixture shops etc. which makes the students enhances their knowledge more of practical way  of learning the things.
  • Conducted Workshop like Photography skill, Lighting design, Model making etc
  • Learn how to work as an interior designer in the building industry.
  • Ability to conceptualize and design interior spaces for homes, retails, hotels, offices, museums, and public spaces, including entertainment spaces.
  • Learn the techniques of Graphical skills in drawings.
  • Learn the techniques of 3-dimensional views in manual and Computer.
  • Learn the techniques of model making and 3D-printing.
  • Learn the techniques of coordination with architects and other consultants approach towards the building.


  • Interior Design firms
  • Architect firms
  • Modular furniture Manufacturing Companies
  • Builders & Developers Companies
  • Construction companies
  • Project management firms

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