College of Veterinary Sciences

Design by: Darshan T.K (Semester VI)

Studio Co-ordinator: Ar. Michella Deepa


The design studio objective was to design a campus for veterinary sciences, out of which is focused on academic block for students.

The major design challenge was to deal with the site condition and responding to the shape of the site. The site was located at Bangalore. The site location was a place where the vehicular traffic was very less and only one main access road to the site from the main road of the city. The site resembles the ignorance of urban fabric around it. The site area was 46 acres with graveyard in the middle of site, it was important to tackle the view of graveyard and how building responds to it.

The design is along the linear side of site. The campus is designed according to the extended l pattern which is major physical pedestrian pathway and all the entry to the blocks are through this pathway. The overall composition of the blocks along this pattern and the way the students plazas are created along the slope of the site are the highlights of this design. The focal points were created to create a contrast to the form of academic blocks. The design is influenced by louis khan’s Salk Institute.










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