Intra City Bus Terminal

Design By : Shamanth T S, V Semester
Studio Co-ordinators :

The aim of this studio was to tackle the basic design guidelines with respect to function, context and aesthetic factors of the intra-city bus terminal. Since this project contained many functions (mixed-use) such as retail, office and recreation apart from transportation, it helped familiarize in designing for multiple functions in the same site.

Taking this as a challenge, I approached the idea of bridging a gap between the various functions. Keeping in mind three factors, namely, principles of mobility (easy circulation), importance to pedestrians and effective orientation or ‘way finding’, I arrived at the organization of programme. That is, to merge different programmes in this ‘mixed-use’ bus terminal at plazas and spill-out spaces to connect people from all programmes and to gather, thereby forming a single entity yet separate in function.