NIFT Campus Design

Design by: Shreyanka Prakash (Semester 6)

Concept : Fashion is all about how one looks at things and perceives the beauty of it. It depends on how one visually expresses the beauty of something and hence the concept of ‘visual connectivity’ has been used to create mythical spaces in designing the campus of NIFT. Also, the main requirement of a college campus is a peaceful study area, huge congregational area for the interaction of students and also to make sure that every block holds a good connectivity and a sense of togetherness.

Process: It was necessary to create spaces sensitive to the site and the surrounding. The site having good vegetation and a huge lake, the lake, here, has been considered to be an ‘element of surprise’ (Inspired by the principles of B V Doshi : How he creates a mythical sense of space, and linear corridors with an element of surprise at the end). A linear and main path connects the main central plaza from the entrance and further leads one to the lake, to the amphitheater, thereby creating a clear ‘linear sense of direction’. The canteen has been located close to the central plaza and the banyan tree, which enhances the beauty of central plaza. Also, the central plaza acts as the main place of congregation, and looks like an ‘eye’ in plan thereby giving a clear idea of the concept of design ‘visual connectivity’.

sw06-nift-campus-01 sw06-nift-campus-02 sw06-nift-campus-03 sw06-nift-campus-04 sw06-nift-campus-05 sw06-nift-campus-06 sw06-nift-campus-07 sw06-nift-campus-08

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